Captain’s Log: Stardate 10342.2
It’s certainly been a bad week, and I’m pleased to report I will now, finally, be able to resume command of the ship. From the beginning of my Star Fleet Academy training, I was warned of the dangers that one can face. Unfortunately, it wasn’t Klingons or Romulans that kept me out of commission for so long, but rather an asteroid (which felt more like a moon) traveling from my kidney to my bladder. After several days of pain, fever, vomiting, three visits to the doctor and finishing off this morning in the emergency room, all systems appear to be functioning properly, and the plumbing is flowing smoothly. The emails from the crew wishing me a speedy recovery were thoughtful and touching.

The crew, recovering from their performance in last week’s adventure, will be happy to know that this is the week that they will receive their new uniforms and that a new windex has been installed on the mast. I’ll also be bringing a few surprises along.

Speaking of surprises, I received a subspace transmission and it looks like a long lost Lieutenant will be making a one-week return to the Enterprise. Meanwhile, I’m polling the crew for who’s available for the North Shore Yacht Club Day Race on the 14th.

I can’t wait to get back on the water.