Captain’s Log: Stardate 10343.8
Yesterday’s mission began with an subspace message from the USS Frolic’s Martin Tune to our Ensign Patty stating something along the lines of how they were going to beat the “geeky little tub” for that evening’s race. Patty assumed that he meant the Enterprise, but the rest of the crew thought otherwise.

Nevertheless, when the wind tripled, lightning flashed and the rain came pouring down, it was Mr. Tune and his Frolic-ing friends that wimpingly ran home to mommy. The Enterprise, along with several other boats in our division, pressed onwards through the storm in what probably was the most exciting race of the season.

I must say, I was exceedingly impressed with the crew’s ability and teamwork during two sail changes and stormy seas. Joining us for the one night of adventure was Ensign Bill from the USS Eagle, whom we are trying to get transferred to the Enterprise (keep hitting those rocks, Ernie) and Lt. Laura, who took a shuttle in from Planet Canada for a few days so she could once again experience the thrills of yacht racing and the luxury of working plumbing. Laura mentioned she was only going to be on as an observer, but we put her to work anyway in hopes of cracking another rib.

Commander Dave and Lt. Commander Jory did an exceptional job of managing the foredeck and sail changes (there were two,) leaving me to concentrate on the start, the course, and the nasty weather. Lt. Mitch was a big help during the start, and the Enterprise was first over the line at the favored end -- awesome. During the race, however, Mitch was convinced that God was only making it storm during our upwind legs.

Patty kept on the look-out for other vessels in the dark waters, Hilde always kept her cool (and was loving every minute of it,) Kurt was trying to remember the difference between the traveler and the sheet, and Lefty went into the history books as the most ineffective boom jibe preventer (one good wind shift and she would have been catapulted to Long Island.)

After finishing the five-leg race, we returned to the club where I handed out the new crew uniforms, causing waves of jealousy from the other boats. Speaking of other boats, it looks like Captains Ohstrom and Hubbard are moving on to bigger and faster starships, leading to the decommissioning of the USS Frolic. Things should be firmed up within the next week or two.