Captain’s Log: Stardate 10344.7
It looked like it was going to be our night last night. With medium breeze, a great start and an upwind leg that left our competition in the proverbial dust, it was looking like a sure victory for the Enterprise. Then, with only a mile or so to go to the finish, we were trapped in a black hole of windless air. Starships all around us (including Robin Ricca’s Soverel-Class USS Phoenix – nice) were paralyzed and drifting in the half knot of tidal current.

The USS Frolic, on her final mission, mistakenly made the right move by sailing far away from the projected course and luckily found enough of a breeze to propel her to victory. Not a bad way to end a ship’s career.

As of last night, Captain Ohstrom has assumed command of the Ranger-Class starship USS Hub Bub, which is to be decommissioned and renamed to the USS Exuberance (initial reports of “USS Fluffy” or “USS Basket of Puppies” were inaccurate, and frankly, after “Frolic,” going with a gay-er name wasn’t the direction that Star Fleet wanted to take.) Congratulations to Jeff and his crew.

Captain Hubbard will be assuming command of a new X-Class starship this weekend, and thereby moving out of our division. Congratulations to him as well. (Should EBYRA bring back the Shoe Award?)

Meanwhile, on the Enterprise, I was very impressed with the crew’s handling of our new warp drive and their attention to tactical details on the water. I can’t remember how long it has been since more than two people were paying attention to wind channels, sail shape and current. I believe we’re showing signs of teamwork and enhanced ability that can only take us to better places.

Missing from last night’s mission was Ensign Brad (insert false gasp of disbelief here,) Ensign Lefty (who missed some bars of Belgium chocolate from Trader Joe’s – Sorry Lefty. It’s all gone) and Ensign Hilde (who had a shuttlecraft accident that reportedly had her searching the pavement for pieces of her brain afterwards – like brains are needed for yacht racing anyway.)