Captain’s Log: Stardate 10345.8
This past weekend, Commander Dave, Commander Richard, Lt. Commander Jory, Lieutenant Mitch, Ensign Patty and I entered the Enterprise (powered solely by light winds and hard salami) in the first day race of the season, this one hosted by North Shore Yacht Club.

The divisions were small (and so was the committee boat,) but after a fantastic start and a few legs through western Long Island Sound, we finished first in our division. Our new warp drive was working well, and we spent the remainder of the afternoon making fine adjustments to the rig so as to make sure we’ll be running at peak efficiency on Wednesday Night.

Also during these tuning tacks, the crew decided to switch positions for a while with Patty accepting the role of chief headsail grinder. I think we all got a kick out of watching her attempt to grind in the headsail, using both hands, and at speeds that made us fully appreciate the work that Dave and Jory do on a Wednesday night. I wouldn’t say she was slow, but she may be a contender for the Special Olympics sailing team (Canada’s team, of course.)

Mitch took the conn for all of five minutes, which seemed to make the crew appreciate the work that I do on a Wednesday night – Mitch included.

Elsewhere in the fleet, Captain Hubbard has assumed command of the brand-new USS Exhilaration, a very fast X-Class starship. Hubbard and his crew transported to the Stamford system this past weekend and brought the ship into our orbit. We’re all looking forward to seeing the Exhilaration on the water.

And finally, we want to wish Ensign Lefty a happy birthday. She says she’s 30 now, but the rest of us are convinced that she’s now finally old enough to get a driving learner’s permit.

Plans are “in the works” for a crew get-together on shore to review sail trim and consume pizza.