Captain’s Log: Stardate 10348.5
I have to admit, I wasn’t expecting much of a race last night. The outdoor thermometer gauge on my shuttlecraft was nearing 100 degrees and I had serious doubts there would be enough wind to run a race. But, to our surprise, the wind was blowing 10mph out of the North. The crew, without Commander Richard, worked hard to prepare the ship for the mission that faced us.

Our start put us in first place, right at the pin (where we wanted to be) and we never looked back. Fast tacks followed by an error-free spinnaker set increased the distance between us and the number two boat, the Klingon warship Neverland Express (Yes, it’s a gay name, but after all, the ship is yellow.)

Ensign Patty, who later admitted that she sucked at everything she did last night, did her best at handling the guy, while Lieutenant Mitch’s sheeting skills have vastly improved. We sped out of the bay at Warp 5.3, leaving the Klingons in the dust.

The take-down was going to be tricky. The chute would have to come down fast so that the Enterprise could jibe and round up hard around the mark. We were all primed and ready, but when it came time for Patty to blow the guy. . . Well, let’s just say it didn’t have the payoff we were expecting. Frustrating.

Commander Dave, forgetting about the whole jibe-and-hardening-up plan, wasn’t able to get the pole down in time and we lost a few seconds as things had to be resolved. The Klingons didn’t gain any ground, and our return to tacking excellence destroyed any hopes of their victory. For the first time this season (and I doubt it will be the last,) the Enterprise won.

We sailed back to spacedock, where Patty just couldn’t wait to get her hands on Mitch’s salami while Ensign Lefty managed to locate Belgium chocolate and black & white cookies.

Elsewhere in the quadrant, Commander Richard finalized the deal on Starbase Two, a New Jersey beach house. Plans are already in the works for a weekend voyage on the Enterprise. Sailing, swimming, beach, tennis. Why come home?