Captain’s Log: Stardate 10354.2
The Enterprise, without its first officer (see previous log entry,) started the second half of our Wednesday night season with a simple mission: Do well enough to take us from fourth place to second place in the overall standings (obtaining first place overall after a single race was mathematically out of our reach – but that can change.)

The start was tricky. USS Tolo decided on a tactic that would close the space between it and the committee boat, thereby sending us into oblivion – a tactic we were formulating against the Klingons (Neverland Express.) Luckily, Tolo was experiencing some type of acceleration malfunction and the Enterprise, cruising at Warp 4, was able to maneuver around it into some clear wind. The start was ours.

Rounding the windward mark first, it was now up to Lt. Commander Jory and Lt. Martin (from USS Exuberance, still in spacedock awaiting an impulse power transplant) to make sure the foredeck ran smoothly and the spinnaker was set. Along with the efforts of the cockpit spinnaker team of Lt. Mitch and Ensign Patty, the chute was up in no time at all, and we were at Warp 5 towards the leeward mark.

Our jibe went smoothly and we approached the leeward mark with the second half of the J/24 fleet (which started 5 minutes ahead of us.) Unfortunately, the J/24-Class USS Alias rounded the mark ahead of us and stalled. The Enterprise, still at warp, came close to running over the small ship, and a last-minute course change had to be made to avoid catastrophe. The Klingons remained behind us, but closed the distance.

Our upwind tacks were fast and we had our scanners tuned for wind channels that would take us to the finish. The Klingons, after dropping back some, matched our moves to guarantee a victory by corrected time. As expected, we finished first and corrected into second. Mission accomplished.

Ensign Patty was awarded cheese and salami from Lt. Mitch and Ensign Lefty couldn’t wait to get back to the club for an ice cream sundae. Back at the club, Lefty passed around a photo of her with short hair. It’s amazing how much she looked like a 15 year-old boy back then (in contrast to now where she looks like a 15 year-old girl.) Once the results were calculated, Commander Richard, after eight years of racing in Eastchester Bay, has finally decided to ask how Time-on-Time yacht race scoring works. I suppose “better late than never.” I’ll have to give him a tutorial on the how’s and, most importantly, the why’s.

I went to visit the crew of the USS Eagle, who has not been doing as well as her captain expected. One of the Eagle’s crew, Resa, said “Just watch out for Eagle in the Fall Series.” I told her that my crew has said that exact phrase several times, but I doubt it had the same meaning.

The Enterprise will not be participating in Larchmont Race Week as initially planned, but Ensign Patty is ready to take the conn for the Women’s Skippers Race.