Captain’s Log: Stardate 10356.2
I have to admit I chose caution and safety over speed, and that was the sole reason why the Enterprise, despite being first around each mark and first to finish, corrected into third place last night in Race 11.

As anyone in the northeast of the United States (on Earth) can tell you, the front that has been parked over the region has been providing us with some troublesome weather this week. The night before, the club was hit with over 50mph winds that sent the furniture on the porch into the boat yard. The week has been filled with fast-approaching systems of high winds, torrential downpours, hail and dangerous lightning storms. Reports were filed that a tornado touched down in northern Westchester – a very rare occurrence indeed.

So, as the Enterprise approached the windward mark, when the water became dark and the wind increased in strength to about 20, I ordered that we do not raise the spinnaker, thinking that another such weather system was about to come through.

I spent a good deal of Saturday fixing up the Enterprise and I wasn’t in the mood to fix it up again.

After speaking with other captains who braved the same wind increases, they agreed it was foremost on their mind as well. We did set chute on the second downwind leg, but by that point, the minute and change we needed was already lost.

I was very impressed with the crew’s handling of the spinnaker, especially Lieutenant Mitch, who seems to have sheeting skills down to an art. Commander Richard ordered a spinnaker jibe before the crew had full control over the sail, which, if not belayed by myself, could have cost us more time, equipment and possibly a limb or two of our foredeck crew of Commander Dave and Lt. Commander Jory. A few seconds later, while just behind the USS Excalibur, we had control, formulated our plan, made one of our best jibes ever, and lost no time in the process.

We passed the Excalibur (A J/30-Class Starship – yes!) and crossed the line with the USS Tolo right on our tail and the Klingons a couple of minutes back. Thankfully, USS Surcease (or as I like to call it: “Ear Cheese”) was a good light year behind with no chance of correcting.

Meanwhile, it looks like we’ll have a full crew for the upcoming Women’s Skippers race and Distance Race, although Ensign Patty is getting very nervous about taking the conn of the Federation’s flagship. You’ll do fine, Patty. If it makes you feel better, no matter how nervous or worried you may be, my anxiety level far surpasses yours.

Can we surround the ship with foam rubber?