Captain’s Log: Stardate 10361.9
As I was working inside Jeffries Tube S4 trying to restore power to our subspace beacon (the mast light) my communicator chirped. It was Commander Richard calling in from New Mexico.

“Eddie. Where are you?”
“On the Enterprise.” (duh)
“Is everyone there?”
”Everyone except one. And he doesn’t care about us anyway.”

That single, yet brief, conversation will pretty much sum up Richard’s involvement for the month of August. Luckily, as part of his punishment, he’ll be heading off the France soon, which for some reason seems to be a million miles closer to the sun than the rest of the planet. This is a particularly tough time for France, as this is the first time they are in adverse conditions without knowing who exactly to surrender to.

The race was a non-event. The light southerly breeze was replaced with a light westerly breeze, which then clocked northwest, and then south. It was like Patty was somehow steering the wind.

After the race, while the crew was comparing my legal arguing style with that of Lt. Columbo (not of Star Fleet,) I appeared on a protest hearing regarding the eligibility of a boat that raced against us in the Women’s Skipper’s Race. Most of the issues were very cut-and-dry, but the main issue, the fact that the boat’s rating is invalid, should seal the deal and get them disqualified. I won’t say that I “hate” the other boat’s captain, with hate being such a strong word and all, but, nevertheless, he should be thankful that carrying a phaser is not part of the standard uniform. Even one that’s set to kill.

The boat’s disqualification will award Ensign Patty with a third place trophy, which I hope she receives. Otherwise, the only thing she’ll have to show after her years of racing on the Sound is MarTune.

Distance Race, here we come.