Captain’s Log: Stardate 10361.1
As every officer in Star Fleet knows, according to the charter of the United Federation of Planets, the mission is always the priority and everything else is expendable. The ship. The crew. All expendable.

It was this past weekend during the Women Skipper’s Race when that passage of the charter was more than just a mere credo, but a terrifying possibility.

Ensign Patty had the conn in more than the standard WSR 3 knots of breeze. Overall she did pretty well – that is before she knew we were racing. It was 3/4 way up the windward leg crossing tacks with USS Watercolour when Patty asked “Aren’t we getting far from the start line?”

”Yes,” I replied. “That’s the idea.”

The tacks continued, the Enterprise heeling hard, cruising at a steady Warp 5, and approaching the windward mark. Patty then said, “I’m getting tired. When do we start?”

I shit you not. We would have been better off not telling her. All of a sudden, the pressure was on. We rounded the windward mark and upon being directed to go North (she’s from Canada and should know where North is,) Patty then began to maneuver the Enterprise in such a way that Dave and Jory were bracing themselves and that had me wishing I had installed seat belts in the cockpit. The spinnaker pole went vertical. The ship lurched. I began to believe we were going to jibe, tack, jibe, jibe and then somehow run our bow into a collision with our own midship.

For a moment, we would have felt safer sailing on Eagle.

Patty did regain control of the helm and I must commend the great work of Dave and Jory on the foredeck (after Dave put on a life jacket) and the work of Captain Jeff, Lt. MarTune and the returning Lt. Debra (all from the still un-launched USS Exuberance) for getting things back under control. The Enterprise finished the mission in third place and in one piece.

We’re ready for another Wednesday night and then our overnight trek to mid sound during the Distance Race.