Captain’s Log: Stardate 10362.2
“Scotty, I need power!”
"I cannae do it sair! The system is overloaded!”

And so it was for most of the Northeast United States and parts of Canada. Despite the commuter woes, the heat, the humidity and the business loss, we should take some time to look at the positives for the great blackout of 2003.

Fox News was off the air.

Shea Stadium was dark, so the Mets couldn’t lose.

Z-100 stopped playing music (although I imagine that would be bad for aspirin sales.)

We did get to see the night sky as clearly as we would racing in the Around Long Island – all without the puking.

There’s still uncertainty as to the cause, whether this started in New York City or from a Niagara/Tomahawk shutdown in Canada, but I’m betting on Canada. The bastards!

Or, maybe Richard tripped and kicked out a plug somewhere.

Assuming the power stays, I’ll be purchasing and assembling the meals for the Distance Race. As of now, all systems are go! I do suggest, however, that any crew that are planning on taking the subway Saturday morning come up with an alternate mode of transportation.