Captain’s Log: Stardate 10370.7
Chances are Isabel is going to give us one hell of a bad blow job.

Latest advisories are projecting that Isabel, an extremely dangerous Category 4 hurricane, will hit the Eastern US Coast and could very possibly strike New Jersey, Long Island, Coastal New York and Southwestern New England.

I have called for a Yellow Alert and tonight I will beam over to the ship to take the warp drive offline (remove the sails) and divert power to orbital stabilizers (strengthen the mooring line.)

Predictions call for 20-25 foot waves in the ocean (Around LI anyone?) and we could see wind strengths of up to 140 mph or more.

Hopefully, the storm will track away from the area, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. Let’s face it, I want to do some fall races and, honestly, I can’t afford an Enterprise-B right now.

Hopefully after reading this log entry, the crew will stock up on batteries, candles and some bottled water. I would imagine Commander Richard will have his hands full in New Jersey keeping Starbase Two secure.

Be safe, everyone.