Captain’s Log: Stardate 10382.5
Thanks in part to the efforts of Commander Richard, the Enterprise is ready to return to spacedock for repairs over the cold winter season. I am in the process of getting estimates for repair to the Enterprise’s hull, and I’m happy to report that the insurance companies have been very cooperative. I am also in negotiations now with Quantum Sails and North Sails regarding a new spinnaker to enhance our downwind warp drive. After all, I need to keep the sail inventory up to date with the crew’s talents.

And talented they are. Four trophies this year. Four! Granted, one of them is by default (North Shore YC Day Race,) but nonetheless, it is amazing to me how much everyone has learned and how good everyone has become. Even Ensign Patty, who will be the first to admit that she really sucks on the guy (Martin does smile a lot,) has repeatedly proven otherwise – her spinnaker skills have greatly improved. She has also demonstrated great ability as a bow lookout before the starts – something we realized, by comparison, when Lefty took over the job for one evening. “Head up or head down!”

The entire crew deserves, and will receive, Star Fleet’s highest commendations for their dedication and skills on the water as we boldly explored the final frontier. Even Commander Richard (who missed all of August) and Lieutenant Kurt (whose wife refuses to let him commit to a single weekend race) both performed well and beyond expectations (then again, the crew has learned over the last few years not to expect much from Richard.)

I wish I were able to promote everyone every year, but then we’d have a boatload of captains, with nobody listening to anybody. In keeping with the traditions set forth in previous years, however, I would like to announce the following:

Jory has once again given us perfect attendance and perfect crewmanship. His work on the bow, in the cockpit and on the rail (he keeps us dry) has been exemplary. He’s the first to suggest upgrades (I just wish he knew how expensive some of this shit was) and is always concerned with the status of the ship. It is an honor and a privilege to sail with him and he’s a valued member of this team. It is hereby noted, as of this Stardate, that he be increased in rank to the level of Commander.

Patty, whose come-hither look has kept other boats far away, has also demonstrated excellence in her role on board the ship. She is always eager to learn and her skills have improved exponentially over the past year. She has always been able to handle just about any task that’s given to her (we won’t go into the Women Skippers Race) and has pointed out some problems with our spinnaker system that will lead to major improvements for next season. It is hereby noted, as of this Stardate, that she be increased in rank to the level of Lieutenant.

I hope that we can all get together on a regular basis during the off-season. To be honest, the end of racing every year leaves a void that not even new episodes of Star Trek can fill. It goes beyond captain/crew. Beyond racing.

Plans are in-the-works regarding the awards dinner and a January beach party at Starbase Two around the time of the Atlantic City sailboat show. In the meantime, I wish everyone the very best.

Captain’s Log: Stardate 10376.4
I’ve always said that I wanted to end each season with a bang, but this isn’t quite what I meant. At the start of the second race of Saturday’s Fall Series, USS Forza (one of Starfleet’s newest ships and newest captains) tacked onto port right into the Enterprise. We had a hull breach on the lower decks, and luckily the emergency force fields were activated before a complete loss of life support.

The weekend was full of fast-paced adventure, thanks to the 20+ wind speeds. Unfortunately, we spent most of Saturday waiting for the race committee to get organized and only a small fraction of the time actually racing. The time spent following the race committee boat from one side of the sound to the other, and then back again, was especially interesting. At least it gave the crew time to catch up with each other on events since the end of the Wednesday Night Race Series.

The entire crew was on board for both days, except for Ensign Lefty, who spent Saturday at a lesbian wedding listening to songs like “Push, Push In The Bush” and “Magic Carpet Ride”; Ensign Hilde, who we believe spent her Sunday committing murder and hiding behind her diplomatic immunity; and Lieutenant Kurt, who blamed his absence Sunday on his daughter being cranky – likely story. Speculation amongst the crew lead to the conclusion that after Kurt’s wife heard about the collision with Forza, she wouldn’t let him go out to see his friends anymore.

While waiting to race, crew discussion ranged from Ensign Lefty causing a rift in Mitch’s marriage, Lt. Commander Jory’s need to bulk up on black and white cookies in order to act as a better downhaul or as Ensign Patty’s pimp (who declared that she has nearly perfected sucking,) and Commander Dave’s suggestion that I start a new website to track the extra-marital conquests of Lt. Laura (the idea was not practical, as most hosting companies charge much more if you have over 700 megabytes of information posted on a site -- Nevertheless, the two slashed tires on Laura’s car last year are becoming less of a mystery.) Lt. Mitch also stated, after USS Eagle almost broached on top of us, that in order for him to stay on board, we must not sail near Ernie. “You want to play with a loaded gun, that’s fine. Just stay away from Eagle.”

The Enterprise is due to be decommissioned for the season in a week or two. Following that, which will officially mark the end of the season, I will evaluate crew performance. It was a great year and I can honestly say that with this crew, the Enterprise can weather any storm.

We go boldly.