Captain’s Log: Stardate 10399.9
I’m happy to announce another addition to the Enterprise crew! At 6:09pm on New Year’s Eve, my sister gave birth to Crewman Luke Taylor (7 pounds - 9 ounces,) providing me with a nephew, Richard with a grandson, the Enterprise with a masthead repairman and my brother-in-law with a last-minute 2003 tax deduction.

True story: They chose the name “Luke” because her husband can’t wait to say in his deepest James Earl Jones heavy-breathing voice, “Luke, I am your father!

And you thought I was a geek with the whole Star Trek stuff.

Baby and Mommy are doing very well and I’ll be displaying some photos here in the log very soon.

May 2004 bring you all that you wish for…

Captain’s Log: Stardate 10398.9
I’m happy to announce that the Enterprise has a new crewmember, so please join me in welcoming Crewman Scotty. I must point out that any similarities between Scotty and Porthos on “Star Trek: Enterprise” are purely coincidental. After all, Scotty was not named after one of the Three Musketeers.

I’m not quite sure yet what Scotty’s duties on board the Enterprise will be, but he’s bound to do more than Lefty.

Elsewhere in the quadrant, congratulations are in order for Lt. Kurt and his wife Diana for finally closing on their new home. Kurt thought that main sheet handling was tough. Now he’s got to contend with mortgage payments, taxes, home maintenance and lawn care.

I expect to see everyone real soon for our boat show / beach party get-together. That is, as soon as I hear back from Commander Dave and Ensign Hilde that they can make it.

In the meantime, my very best for the New Year. Stardate 10400.0 is just a few days away. . .

Captain's Log: Stardate 10397.8
As 2003 comes to a close, I wanted to take a moment and wish the crew of the Enterprise as well as all of our friends, family and loved ones a very joyous holiday season.

It seems that, over the past few years, the terms “Peace on Earth� and “Good Will Towards Men� have a renewed meaning. I hope that we will see such peace as well as the end of hatred and terror as we boldly go towards 2004 and the many years beyond.

Happy Holidays to all. May we all Live Long and Prosper.

Captain’s Log: Stardate 10394.0
This past weekend, the crew beamed down to Stuyvesant Yacht Club for the Annual EBYRA Awards Dinner, where the Enterprise was to receive two awards (2nd Place in the Wednesday Night Race Series and 3rd Place in the Fall Series.)

As Commodore of EBYRA, I was also the host for the evening and, at the request from the EBYRA Board for a young attractive female hostess to hand out the trophies and kiss award-winners, I offered up, in a very pimp-like manner, our own Ensign Lefty.

Lefty was very interested in performing this service and I imagine she spent the week prior practicing her Vanna White technique. She did state early on, however, that she’s, and I am quoting this, “not going to kiss any old balls.”

Of course, this led to two questions, both equally disturbing: 1. What type of awards ceremonies has Lefty attended where the hostess kisses the recipient’s balls? -and- 2. If Lefty was under the impression that kissing balls was part of the ceremony, why was she willing to do the service (at least to the young ones?)

There’s always: 3. If an 80 year-old man gets a genital transplant three years ago, would that still constitute old balls?

Instead, we all pondered just how many days would it take at Warp 5 to reach Lefty’s World.

The awards ceremony was a hit, despite the ongoing bets of which was going to flare up first, the plants on the table or the over-modulated PA speakers.

The big no-show for the evening was, no surprise, Commander Richard, who decided that saving a few bucks on a flight to France was more important than seeing his friends and crewmates or spending a little quality time with his son. We’re not hoping for engine failure or anything, but some stomach cramps from eating some bad brie could be in order. Maybe Commander Dave summed it up best when he said “Richard who?”

It was great to see everyone again and it looks like our next gathering will be a smash. We already have firm confirmations from Commander Jory, Lt. Patty, Ensign Lefty with a strong possibility from Commander Dave, Commander Richard and Ensign Hilde. Lt. Kurt can’t get permission from his wife to go (he won’t even ask) and Lt. Mitch wants to make sure there’s no conflict with Martin Luther King Day (because he claims that at least part of him is Black.)