Captain’s Log: Stardate 10398.9
I’m happy to announce that the Enterprise has a new crewmember, so please join me in welcoming Crewman Scotty. I must point out that any similarities between Scotty and Porthos on “Star Trek: Enterprise” are purely coincidental. After all, Scotty was not named after one of the Three Musketeers.

I’m not quite sure yet what Scotty’s duties on board the Enterprise will be, but he’s bound to do more than Lefty.

Elsewhere in the quadrant, congratulations are in order for Lt. Kurt and his wife Diana for finally closing on their new home. Kurt thought that main sheet handling was tough. Now he’s got to contend with mortgage payments, taxes, home maintenance and lawn care.

I expect to see everyone real soon for our boat show / beach party get-together. That is, as soon as I hear back from Commander Dave and Ensign Hilde that they can make it.

In the meantime, my very best for the New Year. Stardate 10400.0 is just a few days away. . .