Captain’s Log: Stardate 10421.9
Last night, Commander Jory, Lt. Patty and I formed an away team to attend a party hosted by USS Eagle and USS Exuberance at Captain Bivona’s home at the far end of the alpha quadrant. The distance was not so much an issue, but trying to follow Ernie’s novel-like driving directions was harder than Michael Jackson at a day care center.

Thank the maker for MapQuest. 16 steps. And the first 12 were just getting out of my neighborhood.

Aside from members of the Eagle and Exuberance crew, there were representatives from several vessels, including the USS Excalibur, USS Chinook, USS Exhilaration, and the apparently soon-to-be-decommissioned USS Indecent Proposal. It was great catching up with everyone after such an abysmal winter season.

Ernie and his wife put out quite an overwhelming spread of food and, as usual, were model hosts. It was hard to decide which was more impressive, the Bivona’s home or their hospitality.

The evening wound down around 10:30 or so and Jory did his captain proud by going home with two (yes, two) women.

Best of all, it was another sign that Spring has sprung and that sailing season is not far off.