Captain’s Log: Stardate 10430.7
Last night, a landing party consisting of myself, Commander Dave, Lt. Mitch and Lt. Patty beamed to Starbase One for a seminar on the Racing Rules of Sailing hosted by EBYRA and presented by Butch Ulmer of UK Sails.

Surrounding us were crews from other Starfleet vessels as well as some Klingons, Romulans, Andorians, and, obviously because of some breech of security, Attorneys (one of which did a particularly awful job of asking for Patty’s phone number – and I wonder if the “Can I put your name in my Palm PDA?” line has ever worked with anyone.)

Butch did a wonderful job of going over the rules for those times when multiple rules apply -- giving everyone ample knowledge of what rules prevail, what to say when and what your rights are at any given time. In other words, Commander Richard’s “Bow to Beam” command is quickly losing power as an offensive weapon.

After the seminar, we went to The-Restaurant-That-Used-To-Be-Rhodes for some dinner (Yes, they still have Roast Pork Heros!) and we had (yes, really) an engaging and topical conversation about employment trends and the education system in America. That is, until the waitress said the word “mozzarella” in a German/Italian accent that if said enough, would have us all reaching for an afterglow cigarette.

Discussion also began regarding crew positions, most specifically a new position for Ensign “Don’t Call Me Daffy” Lefty, whom I will most likely put with Dave on foredeck for skirting the sails upwind, setting up the chute downwind, and helping Dave with all foredeck responsibilities. I also want to get Ensign Hilde more involved.

The repairs to the Enterprise are coming along better than expected and the 2004 racing schedule is coming soon.