Captain’s Log: Stardate 10433.7
With only a few weeks to go to the start of our racing season, the crew of the Enterprise came out in close to full force for the annual spring work party refit. Starting early and finishing around six in the evening, we broke off into teams to get the required work done.

Working on the hull above the waterline and inside the cabin, Lt. Patty and Ensign Hilde cleaned things up and touched up the Star Fleet markings. Patty asked me how good do I want the markings to be, to which I replied, “We are the flagship of the Federation.” She understood.

Commander Richard worked on the impulse drive and then installed the new boom vang using just-replaced spinnaker parts.

Commander Dave and Lt. Mitch installed new topping lift hardware and went to work installing the new NAVMAN instruments, replacing the malfunctioning (and apparently bankrupt) NEXUS ones. I guess I should have known better going with a company named after a place where nothing is real (Star Trek: Generations.) The NAVMANs are proving to be a tricky installation, but with a little more wiring and an expert transducer installation, I believe we’ll be much better off.

Lt. Kurt and I went to work on the bottom, applying several coats of Micron CSC to the Enterprise hull so she would glide easier through space.

Missing the fun was Commander Jory (his subspace receiver was down and didn’t know that this was the date) and Ensign Lefty, whom had to prepare for a birthday party. Patty did mention that Lefty has a new job, but that the position is considered top secret. We pressed for details, but Patty said nothing besides having to do with security. If she means Homeland Security, I’m moving to Canada.

Maybe with another half-day’s work, the Enterprise will be ready to launch for return to active duty. Meanwhile, I hope to see the entire crew for the Skippers meeting and crew party on the 12th.