Captain’s Log: Stardate 10436.4
Last night, Commander Dave, Lt. Mitch and myself beamed over to Morris Yacht and Beach Club for the annual EBYRA Skippers Meeting and Crew Party despite the terrible weather that flooded and nearly closed just about every parkway that includes the name “river” or “brook” in its name (Sprain Brook, Bronx River, Harlem River, Saw Mill River, Hutchinson River, and so on, and so on, and so on . . .)

Kudos to Lt. Mitch for demonstrating his management skills and attending on his wife’s birthday. This, by far, puts Lt. Kurt’s “My wife’s not quite ready for Wednesdays yet” excuse in the “Wha?” category of excuses.

The meeting went well, if I don’t say so myself (I hosted.) Thanks to the work of the rest of the EBYRA Board, there weren’t many changes to report, so things were kept short and sweet. Our various sponsors got their share of applause (more for Mount Gay Rum and Ricca Auto Body for buying a keg) and the new charts with sailing instructions were distributed to all in attendance. I’m told we have over 65 boats registered, so it looks like it’ll be another great season of racing.

Speaking of which, we start racing this Wednesday, the 19th. That’s the 19th of May. This Wednesday. The day after Tuesday. Six Days from Now.

That is, if the Enterprise gets launched in time. The passing weather the last few days has included quite a bit of surface to ground lightning – keeping the Enterprise and all other starships ready for launch on hold. We are next and I assume, winds being light and variable, that the Enterprise will be launched today. I will verify as the day goes on.

Assuming it does, I will be on board this Sunday, the 16th, to do some rigging, wiring and clean up. The crew is therefore also invited to help and to join in a practice cruise before we start racing just a few days later. Figure a morning start, everyone.

Not showing (insert your gasp of surprise here) will most likely be Commander Richard, who has already notified me that he (insert a second gasp of surprise here) can’t make Race 2 or 3 of Wednesday Nights due to a prior engagement with (OK, this is the last gasp of surprise now) Marcy. Oh boy. Here we go.

Meanwhile, I received an email from beachball-belly-sized Lt. Laura from Planet Canada, who finally admits to reading the Captain’s Log and getting depressed that we’re having so much fun without her. It’s true that last year nobody has sat on anyone’s birthday cake and that nobody came up from down below soaking wet from a toilet water splash and that nobody went skinny dipping with men older than, oh I don’t know, Noah, but we did have a great time and I expect more of the same.