Captain’s Log: Stardate 10438.4
Last night, sailors experienced 15-20mph winds, mid-70’s temperatures and a delightful sunset beyond the bridge . . .

Those would be the sailors in San Francisco Bay.

On Eastchester Bay, however, we had haze and a whopping 0-2mph breeze that every once in a while put a ripple or two on the water. The Enterprise was out in full force – the full crew (except Ensign Lefty – I’ll get to that,) full sails, and our brand spankin’ new spinnaker ready to go. It’s not often I get to use “spankin’” in a sentence, so any opportunity is a welcome one.

The race was cancelled.

As I mentioned, Lefty didn’t make it out, probably having something to do with this new super-secret job of hers. Someone mentioned there was something on the news about terror drills and employed “casualties,” but I get my news from Fox and The Daily Show, so what do I know? (The latter being the more respectful of the two – Fox is about as fair and balanced as Dave and Patty on a seesaw.)

After returning the Enterprise to orbit, we went to The-Restaurant-Formerly-Known-As-Rhodes for dinner where Lt. Kurt explained the importance of a firewall to Lt. Mitch (and until he gets one, Mitch’s IP address is and Lt. Patty explained to Commander Richard how much she hates her job and wants to do something else that will make her lots of money. After hearing her options, Richard offered the advice to “marry someone with lots of money.” Watch out Martin.

Ensign Hilde has finally heard back from the Belgian Officials (in Belgian, it’s pronounced “wah-phells”) and it looks like she’ll be staying in Star Fleet for at least another year.

As lastly, we heard back from Lt. Laura who was not totally pleased with being referred to as beach-ball sized in the Captain’s Log. She did send out photos of herself to the crew, which I admit I haven’t seen yet, but apparently she’s gotten so big that (true) both Commander Richard and Lt. Patty were complaining that the image wouldn’t fit on their 800X600 desktops and they had to keep scrolling and scrolling in order to see more of her.