Captain’s Log: Stardate 10439.5
This past weekend, we, including Crewman Scotty, took a shuttlecraft to the town I grew up in, Port Washington, Long Island, to see Lt. Kurt’s new home and see/meet the family. In no time at all, Scotty was chasing children around the back yard and Kurt was greeting his new neighbors with scary stories about how, unless they’re waiters, they’ll be losing their jobs to someone in India.

We’ve already seen how far they’ve come with Ferrari race cars (OK. That’s an inside joke, but I know the crew appreciated it.)

I won’t go into every detail (I’m still trying to comprehend the procreation diet theory –watch out Atkins) but it’s a very nice home filled with love and I’m sure his family will enjoy it for many, many years to come.

The funniest moment to me was Kurt’s sister heading out to the backyard and saying to her boyfriend, “Whose dog is this?”, then looking at the name tag: “Scotty. OK. It’s Edd’s dog.”

Meanwhile the crew is eager to get back to racing and we will try again on Wednesday. Supposedly, Lt. Patty will be bringing out a new female crewperson to join us this week and, when we asked what she looked like, she refused to answer and ducked all subsequent attempts. I guess then, for now, we’ll call her Crewman Quasimodo.