Captain’s Log: Stardate 10949.9
It was a beautiful night on the water. Upon arriving onto the Enterprise, winds were out of the South at about 5-10. This was going to be our night. The bottom was clean. These were our conditions. And, Lt. Patty chose to work instead of racing so we knew our jib wasn’t going to suddenly drop during key moments.

After performing the needed repairs to the Main before the start, the wind shifted 180 degrees, to the North, and built to 15. The race committee scrambled to the other side to set up for a northerly race – but something was wrong. This wasn’t normal.

And we were right. The passing cell to the North moved through and completely stalled what should have been a Southerly. Once the cell was gone, winds died down to under 3 and eventually nothing at all. Had we started, 60 or so vessels would have been floundering in mid channel with nowhere to go.

Race canceled.

What an unfortunate way to say farewell to Commander Jory and Ensign Hilde, who will both be leaving us for the month of July and a part of August to handle personal matters. Filling in during their absence, Crewman Ramon (a friend of Captain Steinberg on the USS Rubiyat) and Ensign Bill (formerly of another starship) will be coming on board.

Speaking of absence, Ensign Lefty was nowhere to be found for the second week in a row and word has it that she’s resigning her Starfleet commission because her head and her heart just aren’t into it this year (but what about her other body parts?) We wish her well and will always welcome her back – as long as she brings the silver pants.

Finally, Starfleet has commissioned yet another USS Eagle (NCC-222) under the command of Captain Bivona. This Eagle is faster and bigger than the previous Eagles, which may be a sign that Starfleet believes that if a ship is bigger and faster then whatever it hits (rocks, other ships, islands) would tend to break instead.