Captain’s Log: Stardate 10463.3
All day yesterday I kept saying to myself, if I ever meet Mother Nature, I will not hesitate to slap the miserable bitch. After 5 races already cancelled and the forecast calling for scattered thunderstorms with winds starting in the Northwest at 5-10 and shifting to the South 5-10 (which usually translates to zilch on Eastchester Bay as the two “fight it out”,) I thought we were in for Number 6.

But not for Commander Jory’s first night back! We wouldn’t have it. So, I brewed up a stew of human hair and a bat’s wing, chanted fifteen American Indian sayings, sacrificed a virgin (Note to Police: that smell from the dumpster is none of your concern – move along) and smoked a 4-inch joint (OK, the last one was just a bonus) – and sure enough, the wind was steady out of the South, the sky was clearing and the temperature held at a comfortable 72 degrees.

Problem is, there’s four races to go and I don’t know of any other virgins.

Back to last night: We had a nice start, rode the tide a bit and had a nice little tacking duel with the Tolosians to the first mark. We had a few problems here and there (Thanks, Patty) but did cross the finish line first. Regardless of final standing, it was a fun and exciting race. The Enterprise was flying.

We have seven for the Distance Race this weekend and we’re ready to go. As expected, none of the crew were interested in positions, strategy, who we’re racing against, etc. But, much time and effort has been put into the discussion of breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. The forecast does call for a chance of scattered thunderstorms, and I can sense a genuine concern from the crew. Yes, they are worried.

Not for the storms -- If we have enough Cheez Doodles for the trip.