Captain’s Log: Stardate 10464.4
“I was checking the radar on the Weather Channel and there was a large red blob of severe storms moving across Western Long Island Sound. Did you see it?”

That was the question posed to me by the gentleman on the Race Committee boat after we finished the CIYC Distance Race. That would be the Distance Race that ran in Western Long Island Sound.

Part of me wanted to say “No, sunny skies and light winds the whole time,” but from the beaten look of the crew and the fact that every square inch of the Enterprise was waterlogged, I thought my answer of “Duh!” pretty much covered it.

After reaching the first and only mark in record time, the wind increased further and we performed a sail change. Then the wind died down and we performed another sail change. Then the wind picked up beyond 45 and we had no sail. Then it clocked down again and we did a sail change. Then it picked up and we did another. And another… We lost count after five – all within a few minutes of each other and all while getting soaked.

On board were Commander Dave (yes he showed despite numerous claims that his wife wouldn’t allow it – Kurt, you should learn from him), Commander Jory (who promised to make up for every missed Wednesday by doing every weekend I can think of), Lt. Mitch (taking care of some amazing sandwiches for everyone), Lt. Patty (who still thinks we should have gone spinnaker in 40+ winds), Ensign Jane (who we simply refuse to call by her real name), Ensign Roman (who now wants to race in all conditions – including a blizzard) and, for her final tour of duty on board the Enterprise, Ensign Lefty (I won’t go into details about her time in the head, but sonar did pick up several sharks tailing us and we received a satisfactory explanation about why the silver pants didn’t make the trip.)

The race ended with some windward-leeward dueling with the Forza (the same ship that caused our hull breech last year.) They spent a lot of time and effort to make sure that we were to finish just behind them, which was fine with us as we knew we’d correct to over 40 minutes ahead. We approached the finish line and were welcomed with clearing skies and high-kicking dancers on the USS Exuberance. After some calculations, we ended up in Third Place for the race.

Another trophy on the shelf and another great experience with an amazing crew.