Captain's Log: Stardate 10466.3

That one little word makes all the difference in the world. It's usually spoken by a brave, knowledgeable soul during times of intense crisis. When something must be done but it looks like it just can’t be done, someone saying “Set!” will calm those involved. What must be done, but looks like can’t be done, will get done. That someone will be a hero. That someone will save us all.

I believe Lt. Saavik said something similar as she entered the USS Reliant's prefix code, starting the chain of events that ultimately saved the Enterprise in the 2nd Star Trek film, “Star Trek II: the Wrath of Khan.”

In last week’s Wednesday night’s race, our Enterprise was clearly in the lead, performing extremely well upwind. The cockpit team did a superb job. In fact, everyone did a superb job. No mess ups. All performing as one would expect from the officers on the flagship of the Federation.

… Until the first spinnaker launch, where after hoisting the spinnaker halyard, Commander Dave yelled out, like a gallant knight riding in on a white horse, that single word we all needed to hear: “Set!”

We're all at ease. Things are going to be fine. We have a hero on board and he’s got it under control. He’s confident, bold, and able to do what needs to be done to save the Enterprise, the crew, and the race.

… and then, as the spinnaker filled with air, it dropped down the mast and into the water.


I won’t go into further details, but commendations should go out to the entire crew for getting everything back to normal as quickly as possible. How much time did we lose? 30 seconds? 50 seconds? A minute?

We lost 2nd Place to Surcease by 42 seconds. And unlike previous log entries, at least this time we know exactly where it happened.

Um . . . It also could have been Richard's 35-second late start.

Oh well, it was a blast anyway.