Captain’s Log: Stardate 10467.1
The good news is that last night’s race was our 11th and earned us a throwout. The bad news is that last night’s race was probably the one we’re going to toss.

If only the wind didn’t increase… We did everything right. A perfect set, the right tactics downwind and our fastest spinnaker takedown ever. If the wind kept at 3-5 we would have finished a half hour ahead of everyone.

But, the wind increased – the ultimate curse of Time on Time was upon us. Distances that would have taken a half hour were now easily done in five to ten minutes. Last night was a gift to the boats with high-numbered ratings. Last night, the Hairy Horta finally received a numerator higher than his IQ. Last night, Ensign Yejide (Jane) broke a nail. We were doomed.

We did learn a few things: 1: If you don’t get the sail in fast enough, Commander Dave will hurt you (just ask Kurt.) 2: Our starts are better after a short argument about politics. 3: Don’t trust the GPS speed indicator (we went from 20 boat lengths to 3 to 1 in about 3 seconds – we must have been doing 20 knots in 5 knots of breeze.) And, 4: Had Lefty been with us, Hurricane Frances would have turned north and traveled 1500 miles in an hour just to sit on top of Eastchester Bay (“Let’s put the Number One back up.” “Nooooo!”)

Dropping out for the night was USS Exuberance, who lost sight of the committee boat and mistook the flashing-light #2 buoy at Big Tom for the non-flashing-light buoy 46A in the channel. Luckily, there was no apparent damage. Also, congratulations are in order to Captain Ohstrom for the sale of the now-decommissioned USS Frolic. The new owner will be sailing the boat down to Florida. Frances, meet Frolic. Frolic, this is Frances.