Captain’s Log: Stardate 10469.0
Last night was all about tactics. Without a constant stream of information and a set plan on where to go, you could be stuck out there a long, long time.

Unfortunately, I’m referring to the various highways, parkways and roadways in Westchester County and the Bronx in both getting to and going home from our brief voyage on the Enterprise. With just shy of 6 inches of rain falling in White Plains and almost as much throughout the area, the police had their hands full closing flooded roadways and removing fallen trees. “Weather and Traffic on the 8’s” was my new best friend.

The remains of Hurricane Frances has all but crippled the area north of the city. Someone once said that they should go back to naming Hurricanes only after women because they come in all excited and wet -- and then they leave with your house.

But what about Race 17? The final Wednesday night mission for 2004 on the Enterprise was a non-event. With less than half of the registered boats showing and none of them in our division, our race counted only as a start towards qualifying – which we did ages ago. Instead, we crossed the line, withdrew and went for a delightful sail in Western Long Island Sound in the clearing skies and medium breezes. Our destination: Second star to the right, and straight on ‘til morning.

Missing was Lt. Patty, Ensign Hilde (she said she’d be back?) and Ensign Roman, who was afraid that if the weather got bad, his girlfriend would get all Lefty on us.

Our only issue that arose is the now-malfunctioning impulse drive, which will, hopefully, be repaired by Saturday’s Captain’s Island Race. Once I know for sure, either way, I’ll let the crew know.