Captain’s Log: Stardate 10472.6
This is a sad, sad day. A Wednesday without a Wednesday Night Race. We won’t be leaving work early. We don’t have our foul weather gear packed into our duffle bags. We’re not checking the weather on our office PCs to determine things like wind speed, temperature and tide. Now the most exciting thing I’m looking forward to is whether or not my Star Wars Trilogy DVD will arrive in the mail.

Kill me now.

But there’s still a few last “hurrah’s” for the season of 2004. A Sayers Series fun race this Sunday (in which Commander Dave will have the conn) and the EBYRA Fall Series (in which Commander Richard will have the conn.) The usual season-end log entry where I reflect on great memories and quotes will have to wait a few more weeks, but don’t worry Patty; “I got it” made the list.

We finished the Wednesday Night Race Series in 4th place overall, thanks to the efforts of Commander Dave, Lt. Mitch and Lt. Kurt performing race committee on Race 18 despite Kurt apparently being a felon and Mitch’s sexual preference to goats. Our standing was further enhanced by the following conversation that took place between the USS Exuberance and the Enterprise crew on the Race Committee boat:

Exuberance: "What was that course again?"
Race Committee: "D."
Exuberance: "B?"
Race Committee: "No, D as in 'dog'."
Exuberance: "B as in 'bog'?"
Race Committee: "No, D as in 'dog'."
Exuberance: "C as in 'cog'?"
Race Committee: "No. D. D, dog. Woof woof'."
Exuberance: "Oh . . . Exuberance withdraws from the race."

If only the Gay Klingons on Neverland Express mistook it for T as in ‘Targ’ (and if you know what that is, the Star Trek geek line is forming to the left) and we would have finished in 3rd. Nevertheless, I’m proud of the work the crew has done and I’m sure we do better and better.

And for those others awaiting their Star Wars Trilogy DVD, my pissy mood leaves me no other choice but to spoil it for you: Darth Vader is Luke’s father. Ha!