Captain’s Log: Stardate 10474.0
Yesterday’s Sayers Series regatta provided us with a cancelled first race and a second race of light winds with boat speed averaging Warp 1 and never going beyond Warp 4 -- A perfect day for Commander Dave to have the conn and command the Enterprise.

Truth be told, he did extremely well. Light winds have been known to be the true test of a captain and Dave never lost concentration. He tacked on headers, rounded marks extremely well (though one was so close we had to pull in the sail so as not to touch) and was always aware of the other boats’ positions.

I took care of the main, while Commander Jory and Lt. Mitch took care of the headsail. The winning combination of helmsmanship, tactical decisions and sail handling had us finishing in second place in a fleet of 15-20 boats. Dave was especially proud of his performance against Captain Bivona of USS Eagle, who rounded a fraction of a boat length behind us at the first mark and whose rating should have propelled him far ahead by the second. Instead, Eagle rounded the second mark seven boat lengths behind, closed the gap to three on the third leg, but then lost so much position that by the time we reached the third mark, Dave wanted to do a 360 before finishing.

The only thing keeping it from perfection was that the local fishermen didn’t accept my offer at the last mark (I offered him $10.00 if he’d throw one or two of his dead bluefish at Eagle as they rounded.)

Where was the rest of the Enterprise crew? Ensign Hilde’s babysitter quit (we’ve met some of Hilde’s kids – no surprise there,) Ensign Roman had already committed himself to race in the American YC Fall Series (they didn’t race – no wind,) Lt. Kurt was home watching his kids while his wife was out (why does she get to go out and you don’t, Kurt?) and Lt. Patty was, and will be for the Fall Series, out of town. She’s been very quite about this latest trip and, and after much discussion, we’ve concluded that she’s probably doing something extremely stupid like visiting Canada or marrying Tune.

Finally, while waiting for our start, we discussed the future of the Enterprise and whether or not an Enterprise-B was in the cards. My choices for the next starship to bear the name are down to a C&C 37+ (40 feet, really) or the Dehler 41DS. After a quick description of the 41DS, which includes a self-tacking jib, an asymmetrical spinnaker, furling sails, a bow thruster and remote-control steering from down below, the crew unanimously decided that I should buy one right away. Funny, out of the ones who voted, no one was willing to put up the monthly payments.

Time will tell . . .