Captain’s Log of the USS Defiant: Stardate 10478.6
This past weekend, for the EBYRA Fall Series, I assumed temporary command of the Defiant (a small powerboat,) passing command of the Enterprise into the hands of Commander Richard. It had been a while since the Commander had taken on this responsibility and I think I still have a copy of the repair bill from the last time. Nevertheless, he assured me that it was going to be fine.

Luckily, the Defiant is a fast vessel (up to Warp 25) so I would be able to keep an eye on the Enterprise most of the time.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the warp core accident -- an accident that took my baby, my one-year-old North #1 made of space-age materials binding Pentex and Dacron, my $3,000 investment, and turned it into a torn rag. Everyone say it together now: "Thanks, Richard."

I don’t have all the details, but as I understand it, the Enterprise was approaching the finish of Race 4 on starboard tack and the following occurred:

Commander Dave: “Richard, head up to cross the finish line.”
Warp Drive: “Ereeeech, Thudda, Thudda, Ereeeeeeech”
Commander Richard: “Ready About!”
Commander Dave: “What the – Oh no…”
Warp Drive: “Whoooosh, Ereeeech, Riiiiiiippppppp”
Commander Dave: “Richard, where is my key to the beach house for not telling Edd?”

Normally, after a situation like this, I would expect Dave to relieve Richard of duty, lock him in the brig (or at least the head) and assume command of the Enterprise. Instead, the adventure continued for Race 5:

Commander Dave: “Isn’t that the flasher for Big Tom to port?!”
Commander Richard: “Yes. You want to tack over?”

Everyone say it together now: “YES!!”

Was he frazzled during these moments? Confused? Worried? Scared? Was he even concerned? Internal sensor logs recorded this image:

His eyes are closed and he’s smiling. My God, he’s oblivious to it all.

So, in the end, we should be extremely proud of two important facts:
1. The Enterprise placed 2nd in the series, missing first by only 1 point.
2. The Enterprise did make it home.

Congratulations guys on a job well done.