Captain's Log: Stardate 10503.6
It's hard to believe, but we're only 18 weeks or so away from the launch of the Enterprise and our 2005 sailing season. The boat show is next weekend, the sail has been repaired and EBYRA is well into planning the racing.

Soon, I'll announce the dates of our April work parties (March too?) and our 2005 racing schedule. The plan, as it was in past years, is to post the racing dates early enough so that the dates would be cleared long ahead of any spouse-induced conflicts -- now to always be referred to as SIC's, a much larger threat to the Federation than the Klingons and Romulans combined.

Communications protocol would go something like this:
Edd: "We'll see you next weekend for the Fall Series?"
Richard: "No, I'll be SIC for the Fall Series."
Edd: "For the whole series?"
Richard: "Yes, I'll be SIC. Really SIC. So SIC, it's making me sick thinking about how SIC I'll be. I'll be more SIC than I can ever remember being. I know I've been SIC a lot lately, but it's not like I intended to be SIC. It just happens."

Save the dates. Don't get SIC.

Many times I've been asked why the Enterprise doesn't have a website besides the Captain's Log, which features photos of our crew racing. I've wrestled with the idea and always wondered if a photograph of Lefty puking, Jory grinding or the ship heeling truly captures the spirit of the Enterprise. I didn't think any photo could adequately represent our adventures on the water.

Until now.
Let’s examine, shall we? It's overcast in Eastchester Bay; the sails are down; the hull is dirty; there's not another sailboat in sight; it's a weekend, so there's no sign of Richard or Kurt; Mitch has attached a cardboard cut-out of Mr. Spock to the forestay and Patty is trying to hump it.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Enterprise Racing 2004. May 2005 be just as much fun. Happy New Year.