Captain’s Log: Stardate 10504.7
Believe it or not, USS Eagle’s Captain Ernie Bivona is in discussions now with a freelance television producer to create a reality television series based around the 2005 racing performance of Eagle. Supposedly, Ernie has been discussing the project with possible sponsors including RayMarine and UK Sails. Wednesday Night Racing would feature prominently during the series.

We spoke about the project for some time, where I explained to Captain Bivona the numerous concerns I had. Included in those concerns were the disruption of racing, the liability of video cameras and the liability of non-racer cameramen. I also mentioned I was worried regarding a national television program showing the giant unauthorized Paramount Pictures trademark on my hull.

I did say, however, that there were many moments in all three Eagle’s histories that I had wished were caught on television so I could TiVo them and watch them over and over and over again. For some strange reason, he didn’t appreciate that.

And, as Lt. Mitch pointed out, naming the show could be an issue as most of the appropriate names have been taken (Fear Factor, Survivor, Gilligan’s Island, The Biggest Loser, etc.)

Still, Ernie must be made aware that there are some people’s actions on Wednesday nights that they won’t necessarily want televised (such as ones that a non-racing spouse referred to as the few “Wednesday Night Overnight Races”) and that yacht racing on television really isn’t that entertaining compared to being on the water yourself – even on a vessel as adventuresome as Eagle.

Nevertheless, Mr. DeMille. We’re ready for our close up.