Captain's Log: Stardate 10506.3
Never in my life have I been so disappointed that I couldn't get to Philadelphia. In fact, I can't remember ever just wanting to go to the so-called City Of Brotherly Love (That does make sense, though -- There are a lot of "brothers" there.) Still, with the Atlantic City and Liberty Landing Strictly Sail Boat Shows canceled and moved to the land of cheese steaks, I wanted to go, had plans to go, and was very upset that I was unable to go.

Initially the plan was to pick up Commanders Dave and Richard in Shuttlecraft Xterra and brave I-95 in the approaching storm. At the time, Fox News was saying we'd get four to seven inches of snow. A lot of snow to be sure, but no match for Xterra's kick-ass four wheel drive and six disc CD stereo.

By Friday afternoon, the national weather service issued warnings as if Armageddon was a day away. "White-out conditions", "State of emergency", "Avoid all travel", "Slay a goat and drink it's blood before dawn to survive" and so on. I called the crew and canceled our voyage.

My father called a few times later on that afternoon to suggest alternative modes of transportation. How touching it was to see just how much he wanted to spend a day with his son at the show. But then his real motive became clear. He wasn't SIC and he was happy about it -- and it was as if he didn't know if there would be a next time he wouldn't be SIC again. He had a day of freedom and now he was going to lose it. I could hear the desperation in his voice. So sad.

So we looked into trains. Metro-North, MTA Subway, Amtrak, SEPTA. I checked into the past history of similar storms and how it affected these modes of travel. Delays. Hours-worth. Yuck.

And the next morning the storm hit. And the road closure reports started coming in. And the train delay reports started coming in. But was it really that bad outside?

That would be a yes.

So the show was a no go. No gear. No supplies. No cheese steaks.

And, worst of all, no discussions with a boat dealer in Annapolis about Eclipse or Morning Glory. Oh well. There's always email.