Captain’s Log: Stardate 10533.4
For what would most likely be the final time before being decommissioned out of Starfleet service, the Enterprise-A is ready to be launched for the season. Many thanks to Commanders Dave and Jory as well as Lieutenant Mitch for their time and efforts in painting, cleaning, painting, cleaning and painting and cleaning some more.

Despite the morning showers, the day turned out to be a good one. We wondered briefly what had happened to Richard and Kurt but then realized it was a weekend.

Also along for the prep was Crewman Dave, Commander Dave’s son. Crewman Dave helped out with the cleaning and was up and down the ladder faster than an anti-matter injector. After some time though, he desperately wanted to help paint. After about an hour of pleading and the begging, Mitch handed him a brush and pointed him towards Ernie’s boat.

During lunch, while the paint was drying, I gave a tour of the ship to an interested buyer and a friend. They were very impressed with the Enterprise. We talked dollars for a moment, but they soon realized that its almost just as important to me that the next owner is someone that I can be assured will take care of her. After all, a good portion of my life has been devoted to this starship.

Time does move on, however, as should I. The new ship was surveyed last Friday and I am awaiting the final report which should be here this week. I’m told that things are looking good and it’s becoming more and more likely there will be a new Enterprise in orbit in June. That is, if it will be Enterprise in June. I’m now trying to decide if, when it gets here, to short haul the boat and commission it (apply appropriate Starfleet markings and hull number NCC-1701-B) or wait until the season is over. While it may mean an extra week or so before using her, I’m leaning towards the hauling/commissioning. It all comes down to when in June she arrives. The earlier the better.

Damn, this is getting exciting.

May 11 is the annual EBYRA Skippers Meeting and Crew Party; 7:00pm at MYBC. I hope to see everyone there.