Captain’s Log: Stardate 10535.9
The survey has come in and the owner has already fixed the items that I considered to be of highest importance. Unless something really bad happens with the sale of my mother’s apartment (and I’ll lose some bucks,) it looks like there will be a new Enterprise in Eastchester Bay this season. It’ll be a new ship to learn, but I’m confident this crew will rise to the challenge.

Meanwhile, tonight is the annual EBYRA Skippers Meeting and Crew Party at Morris Yacht and Beach Club (7:00p) where we will announce some of the year’s changes to the Sailing Instructions and hand out race charts. This is usually a fun event with a lot of people, beer and food. I hope to see as many of the crew there that can make it.

And, I’m happy to announce that the current Enterprise has been launched and is just about ready for the first few races of the season – maybe we’ll do three or four until the new ship is here. To avoid conflict, our sail number will be changed to NCC-1781-A, thanks to some blue tape I’ve ordered from North Sails that will be put across the 0’s.

At some point this weekend, I’ll go out there and tune the rig, but on Sunday morning, I’ll be taking a flying lesson out of Westchester Airport. There’s a 30% chance of rain on Sunday, but, assuming I can locate it from up above, there’ll be a 100% chance of yellow rain over Patty’s house.

See you tonight at 7:00 at the Morris.