Captain’s Log: Stardate 10539.5
Due to circumstances beyond my control, the arrival of the new Starship Enterprise will be delayed a few days. It is still very possible for her to be in orbit by the first week of June and, following a short haul to apply some paint and graphics (any volunteers?), she’ll be ready for active duty. Our available crew is still a question mark, which will determine which division we race in (6 or 2.)

Meanwhile, the current Enterprise is ready and we’ll be racing this Wednesday Night in Division 3. All crew are to report to the Enterprise by 6:30pm.

Speaking of crew, we welcome on board Ensign Ryan from Brooklyn who has some sailing experience and eagerly wants to get into racing. And, starting in July, Ensign Sharon, who is a friend of Lefty’s (but we’ll take her anyway) will be joining in. Speaking of Lefty, we may not have seen the last of the silver pants or the “pee to poop” and “head up or head down” philosophies.

I should also report the resignations of Ensigns Hilde and Roman – Hilde will be returning to Belgium in June (and I’m happy to report that she’ll be taking her kids with her) and Roman has transferred to Chicago (rumor has it the city of Chicago was created by a couple of Jews who thought New York wasn’t cold or dirty enough.)

Finally, to update everyone on current events – I can’t decide what was the highlight of this past weekend: The Mets giving the Yankees a run for their money; flying a Cessna 172 over Westchester and Rockland Counties; or the fact that I won’t have to watch an episode of Desperate Housewives for many, many months.