Captain’s Log: Stardate 10540.0
At the dock, it looked like a calm, slightly breezy, overcast day. A quick check of the radar showed some heavy rains coming our way, but how long would it take to reach us? Two hours? Three hours? And besides, rain wasn’t going to stop this crew.

Once around the island on impulse, however, it was a different story. The calm, light winds were now in the 20’s and building. The small headsail was the way to go, and every other boat out there had the same plan. And, we had two new crew people on board – Ensign Ryan and Ensign Sid. It was time to put them to the test. They may be good, but are they good enough for the Enterprise?

As the ship pounded forward to the first mark, everyone did a great job. Ensign Ryan, getting used to the winching position, looked as if he was in his element. Ensign Sid, working the foredeck and rail with Commander Jory, also looked like he was having the time of his life (but that maybe because he didn’t have to listen to Mitch for a few hours.)

We crossed the line first and corrected into third. All in all, however, a great, action-packed night. And, I have to thank the crew for taking position along the rail to keep me dry during the hull-splashes – but did anyone else notice that Richard didn’t get on the rail with everyone else, but rather took a crouched sheltered position behind Dave?

At the club afterwards, I was approached by Klingon Commander K’lucHi (Tommy Colucci of Desperado) who stated that it was difficult enough keeping his boat controlled and stable during the downwind leg and our crew rooting for a broach didn’t make matters any easier.

The best part of it all – we were racing again. And nobody on board could give a rat’s ass that Bo Bice was named the newest American Idol.