Captain’s Log: Stardate 10541.9
Today I write the biggest check I’ve ever written and tomorrow I will have a new starship to carry the name Enterprise.

But it was last night, with a nice breeze (but man oh man was it cold!) and clear skies, that racing the current Enterprise was an absolute delight. A great start, a better upwind leg (thanks to Richard’s tactics) and some good work downwind had the Enterprise crossing the line first and correcting into third.

Missing from last night’s adventure was Ensign Sid (something about a dog) and Lt. Kurt who sent an email out to the crew that he had some sort of stomach virus and was afraid that if he showed, the only use he’d be is propulsion in the form of projectile vomiting.

So, it could be reasonably assumed that we didn’t take a first last night because of Kurt.

But, even down two, we did very well. Ensign Bill is starting to get the hang of things and Ensign Ryan did an exceptional job with grinding and the spinnaker guy. And yes, Ryan did blow the black guy. And yes, he did it better than Patty.

Leaving us for a month or so is Commander Jory, who will be taking a position at Starfleet Academy. We, of course, wish him well, but can’t emphasize enough how much we would like to have him back and will await his return.

Commander Dave worked the foredeck as if he never had a winter break and I got the same impression from Lt. Mitch’s spinnaker sheet handling. Just as we’ve really gotten to know this ship, we’re going to have to learn another.

Of course, the big moment was when Mitch said to Dave, “I think this is the first time I’ve ever seen you with pants on.”

Oh yeah. We’re back.