Captain’s Log: Stardate 10543.3
Last night, Commander Richard, Commander Dave and I stood at the end of the club pier and watched the new ship to carry the name Enterprise approach.

“There it is,” I said, pointing out towards the middle of Eastchester Bay.
“It doesn’t look that big,” my father remarked.
“It’s not even in the mooring field yet.”
“Oh . . .”

Ten minutes later, he remarked again: “OK. It’s big.”

The ship pulled up to the dock and we met the three captains who brought her up from Annapolis. And, I believe it’s a good sign – one of the captains was named “Jim” and one was named “Kirk” – Jim Kirk – I shit you not. I think I saw Dave shoot me a look like I had planned that or something.

We spent a couple of hours on board checking out the systems, the rig and the various security measures installed so that the engine could only be started by someone who knows the boat.

After a brief stint in spacedock where the bottom will get painted and official Starfleet markings will be applied, she’ll be ready for active duty. We’re shooting for a week from tomorrow. Most likely, on that Wednesday, before the race, we’ll have a brief ceremony at the dock where a bottle of champagne will be broken on the bow and Romulan Ale (which will taste amazingly similar to a Hawaiian Breeze) will be served to those in attendance.