Captain’s Log: Stardate 10545.8
Which one is the _____?” -- And you can fill in the blank with any one of the following: Spinnaker Halyard, Main Halyard, Topping Lift, Jib Sheet, etc. It doesn’t matter. We heard them all last night.

With less-than-needed familiarity with the new Enterprise, our first race with the new starship was not one for the record books. The semi-color-coded system wasn’t enough and with all lines leading back, the bridge was starting to look like James Doohan’s plate at All-You-Can-Eat Pasta Night at The Olive Garden.

Still, I’m very pleased with the crew’s performance during frustrating conditions. Last night was a learn-as-you-go race – and learn we did. Most of it was my fault -- I really do need to spend a little time locking down crew assignments and finalizing which lines are to lead where – avoiding winch conflicts. It’s going to be a busy weekend.

Maybe it would also be a good idea to replace some lines with more color-coded Sta-Set lines, which seemed effective for the previous Enterprise – but then again, it’s a very tall mast and that stuff runs over a buck a foot. Something to think about.

Nevertheless, the ship looks great and an absolute pleasure to sail. We’ll figure it out. It’s onward and upward from here.