Captain’s Log: Stardate 10546.0
Yesterday, I had a long telephone conversation with Captain Norm of the USS Tolo, who has had his fill of Surcease in his division. So, after years of complaints about this small little ship with the PHRF rating handed down from the heavens above, it looks like something is finally going to be done about it. With data from Federation Starships Exuberance and Frolic, along with data from both Klingon vessels Desperado and Neverland Express, complete with photographs of other Newport 20 sailboats, Captain Norm has filed an official rating protest of Surcease.

Having received a copy of the protest, along with the exhibits and spreadsheets of data, it looks like the YRA will have their hands full in not only arbitrating what kind of boat Surcease actually is, but also deciding what a fair rating will be. It’s going to be an interesting next few weeks.

Captain Norm’s emotions ranged from anger to frustration. He said he’s getting tired of racing for second place out there. It became clear to me that his reasons for telling me so much was not solely because I am the Commodore for the Eastchester Bay Yacht Racing Association, but because he knew that I had experienced, on many an occasion, the same feelings regarding that 20-foot nemesis when we raced on the previous Enterprise.

To which I replied to Norm in the only way I could think of . . .

A 1990 C&C 37+ 40-foot sailboat: $105,000
Taxes to the State of New York: $7,875
Short haul with bottom paint and graphics: $3,300
Extra gear from West Marine: $285
Not ever racing against Surcease again: Priceless