Captain’s Log: Stardate 10546.8
Yesterday, we took the Enterprise on a little Father’s Day Cruise in Western Long Island Sound. With about 14 knots of breeze, we unfurled the headsail and effortlessly accelerated to speeds exceeding Warp 7. My sister was complaining about the 10 degree heel angle, Marcy got wet from passing wakes and my nephew Luke slept through it all on the foredeck.

Not to speak ill of the previous Enterprise, but to get her to Warp 6.8, it would take all the sails perfectly trimmed, a clean bottom and a crew of five. This new Enterprise had a small luffing headsail up, no main and the self-tailing winches were doing most of the work. And we were comfortably at Warp 7. What a dream. I can only imagine how fast she’ll get once the crew learns how to sail her.

Speaking of which; The new crew assignments will be sent out tomorrow. We’re going to have some fun.

We returned to the mooring where my father and my brother-in-law Glenn took out the fishing rods (which Glenn bought for the boat) and started to fish for whatever life forms grace the waters of Eastchester Bay. Over the course of an hour, they managed to catch the rig, each other, and (almost) the club launch, Patience.

If you listened carefully enough, you could almost hear the fish laughing.