Captain’s Log: Stardate 10551.5
Last night, an area of low pressure hung over Eastchester Bay much like one would hang over the toilet bowl after two-for-one enchilada day at Taco Bell – an unending load of swirling crap. It kept the rain out, thankfully, but the winds, or lack thereof, where light and extremely variable. 30 degrees. 45 degrees. 180 degrees. 10 degrees. In a word: Yuck.

After instructing the committee to postpone and wait out the system, there was an ounce of hope. The wind picked up out of the Northeast – and it was well in the teens. The committee could get things going, but they had to act fast. The time limit was almost here.

Ben Franklin’s words “Haste makes waste” never rang more true. In an effort to rush to set the line and post courses, the race committee hasted and wasted more than, well, I think I covered that in the first paragraph. The courses were set for a northwesterly. The line was, I swear, four boat lengths long. To have divisions 6 and 4 go through that line would be like when the Three Stooges try to go through a doorway. One thing’s for sure, we’re all going to be a lot thinner.

I had no choice and made what I was repeatedly told was the right call, albeit an unpopular one. Race cancelled.

So, we took the opportunity to practice. Tacking. Rounding. Chute Up. Jibe. Jibe. Jibe. Chute Down. More tacking. Though still not perfect, we are getting the hang of things and I’m getting more and more impressed with the abilities of the crew in adapting to the new starship.

Heading out of the bay at Warp 5.8 with all systems fully operational, we entertained the idea of just continuing on until daylight or Montauk, whichever came first. But after twenty minutes of how Photoshop could put Mitch in a bikini, how if you don’t have a thumb, six fingers is a good thing and Kurt’s questionably-well-informed knowledge of the legalities surrounding Internet porn, it was time to head back. And, if we were out there much longer, we would have missed Patty’s slaughterhouse stories – a rare delight while having a hamburger.