Captain’s Log: Stardate 10557.3
I finally realized why I hate WCBS 880 so much. And no, it’s not because they broadcast Yankee games (although a “Yankee”, by the way, is the same thing as a “Quickie” but it’s just with yourself.) No, it’s because they broadcast bad news. And they repeat it. Again and again. You give them 22 minutes and they’ll give you . . .

. . . a reason to take anti-depressants.

So there I was in the car, thoroughly enjoying Jethro Tull’s “Cross-Eyed Mary” on Q104.3, and I decide, since I was on my way to the boat, to check the weather. I flip over to the AM dial and land on 880. Severe thunderstorm watch in effect until 8:00pm. Nickel-size hail (it’s summer!!!) Dangerous surface-to-ground lightning. And 60 mile-per-hour winds.

And every ten minutes, between stories of death in Iraq, our miserable economy and how pieces of foam could kill our space program, they repeated it again.

So, upon my arrival at the club, I put everything on hold and watched the wrath of mother nature unfold, just as 880 described it would, on the porch (along with just about everyone else.) By 6:30 things were still unsettled and in Little Neck Bay (the south side of our course) there was still lots of lightning. Race cancelled.

The crew of the Enterprise gathered inside for food, drinks and the usual discussion points of how Mitch does goats, the Columbia sailing boats at the club and why we haven’t caught Bin Laden (we are a conversationally-diverse group.)

As for updates on the crew, Ensign Ryan has taken a new position and is finding it difficult to make it to Wednesday nights – at least for the next few weeks. But, it looks like he will return. And, Lt. Kurt has accepted a position with NEC (sell your stock!) in Burbank. He’s going out next week to get familiar with them and requisition some supplies (which should include a North headsail and North asymmetrical chute) and then will be coming back to New York to finish the season. But, it looks like this will be Kurt’s last year on board. As far as we can tell, nothing good has ever come out of Burbank - after all, that’s where NBC produces “Joey.”