Captain’s Log: Stardate 10559.2
Short on crew, the Enterprise headed towards the race course in a lot of heat, but surprisingly enough, a decent breeze. After a short delay with the race committee figuring out the course, we had a 10-second late start. Thankfully, in the first 100 yards of the upwind leg, we accelerated past Eagle and then never saw them again.

The tacking team really started to find their groove and the Enterprise, like it’s predecessor, was in 8-second tack mode. Hanging on the right side of the course, we were with the rest of the fleet.

Our spinnaker set went well and only a little confusion regarding crew positions kept us from perfect jibes. Then came the take down . . .

At about three boat lengths away from the leeward mark, I gave the order to unfurl the headsail and then do the chute take down. However, during the unfurling, the furler line was tangled and was holding things up. Commander Richard went to the problem gave it a few tugs, then stared intensely at the tangle, apparently using his higher-brain telekinetic powers to actually will the tangle clear.

Now we all know he has no such powers. But in his defense, the tangle didn’t.

Well, it does now. After a few seconds, I said “Don’t stare at it. Fix it.” He did and the headsail was free again. We rounded ahead of Andiamo and went right again towards the second upwind mark.

And then the most amazing thing happened. We were crossing tacks with the J105s and Chaika. And, we rounded ahead of Chaika. The final downwind leg was a real challenge as the wind died down and much effort was spent looking for wind channels. We did many jibes – most very well. We finished 10 minutes out of first – a vast improvement from previous races.

We’re all set for the Women Skippers Race where Patty will take the conn. Oh well, it was a nice ship while we had her.