Captain’s Log: Stardate 10561.1
The conditions could not have been better for last night’s race. With 10-12 knots of breeze coming out of the Southwest, the Enterprise, a little short on crew, was ready to move.

On board for two races, and a client of Mitch’s, was Ozzy.

No, not that Ozzy. Another Ozzy. A less confused Ozzy. This Ozzy was a big help on the bridge both upwind and downwind taking Ensign Phil’s temporarily-vacant position. Unfortunately, Ozzy will only be out one more week before he heads out to Sri Lanka to ride a buffalo or whatever else they do in Sri Lanka.

Back from Burbank, Lt.Kurt returned to the main and, hold on to your seats, committed for the Distance Race.

Our start last night, was adventuresome. On the line, over the line, around stalled boats, find clear air and woosh! Not over early. Great job by the crew for all the line handling during all of the evasive maneuvers. It really paid off.

We crossed tacks with most of the fleet on the first upwind leg, had a slow, but neat spinnaker set and rounded the leeward mark ahead of four boats. Going back upwind, we went to the right again and continued crossing tacks with the fleet. On our approach to the windward mark the second time, the new Crossbow tacked right into us. We did a fast tack and made the mark anyway. And, instead of protesting the boat, we just decided to beat him on the water. And, with speeds over Warp 7.8 downwind, we did.

We finished 6 minutes out of first (getting better) and finished ahead of Crossbow and En Garde. What a fabulous night.

Finally, we're all set for the Distance Race on August 20 -- and have just secured Richie Coar (Captain of USS Chaika) as crew on the Enterprise.