Captain’s Log: Stardate 10563.0
Commander Richard, my father, has been in Sate Fe for the last two weeks, missing two Wednesday Night Races in a row. When on board, Richard handles tactics, calls sail trim and helps with the main upwind. Even as the oldest member of the crew, he’s still “one of the boys,” enjoying all the humor no matter how low it may go. He’s come up with ideas on how to better rig the ship and cleans the little flywheel thingy underwater that keeps us monitoring the warp drive (Yes, I know it’s a transducer, but “flywheel thingy” sounds better.) He’s made a real effort to be on board for most of the races and even helps with some of the bills.

That being said, we really, really, really missed Dave last night.

On board was Commander Jory (on foredeck), Lt. Mitch, Lt. Kurt, Ensign Bill, Ensign Sid, Ozzy, Kurt’s nephew and Ozzy’s friend Kay, who was so skinny that she could have been a telltale. When we assigned her the position of crew weight, I should have known the night would be doomed to failure.

Our start was great. Middle of the line (the RC boat was slightly favored) and we pushed Matriarch over early (they missed the radio call, so we, adding insult to injury, were the ones who called them back.) Unfortunately, it was downhill from there. Our tacks were slow because Sid didn’t quite match Dave’s usual foredeck spring maneuver and Mitch’s right arm isn’t as strong or as fast as it used to be (which I suppose is a compliment to his wife.)

Our spinnaker set was slow and when we tried a jibe, we, well, missed. The pole somehow escaped Jory’s reach and went right back up on starboard. We jibed the main back and tried again with better results. We gained ground on a few boats, especially Wuestwind, who was flying their chute in an hourglass configuration so big that it could easily be mistaken for a “Days of Our Lives” promo. The first take down went well, but we lost standing upwind when I was told that we were clear to tack and we were not. Now we were in the back of the fleet, trying to gain ground.

And we did. We passed Eagle and rounded the windward mark again ahead of him. Our second chute set went well and thanks to some 15mph gusts and a shift, we accelerated downwind at Warp 7.5. Rounding the leeward mark would be tricky and would require that the chute be dropped and cleared so we can jibe around the mark. Meat Loaf once said “Now, don’t be sad, ‘cause two out of three ain’t bad.” Well he was wrong. We rounded. We jibed. The chute did not come down. Oh the humanity! The Enterprise pretty much dropped to sublight as the rest of the fleet took off and we tried to drop the chute, which was now nicely wrapped in the spreader.

We finished the race after a nice moonlit sail upwind. Commander Jory did come to the bridge and assumed responsibility for the night’s race, but after some time, stated that it was all Karen’s fault (Dave’s wife.) We got back to the mooring, straightened things up, and then debated whether or not we should send Kay up the mast to fix the windex and plug in the wind instruments – and if we did, whether or not we would need a winch.

Enterprise is ready for the Distance Race this weekend. All crew must report to the ship no later than 0900 Hours.