Captain’s Log: Stardate 10566.3
The Enterprise is back home today after her first long distance cruise to the outer reaches of Long Island Sound. Our farthest destination, Saybrook Point Marina, was a great place to stay with indoor and outdoor pools, whirlpool and full-service spa, but at $3.75 a foot, there was a part of me that wished the old Enterprise made the trip instead.

But, it was a great opportunity to test some of ship’s systems that don’t normally get used while racing, such as the 110-volt shore power system, the Nova Kool refrigerator and, my absolute favorite, the Steering Under Laziness Utensil, hereafter to be referred to as SULU, but also known as the Robertson Autopilot.

It was heaven. Sitting in a lounge chair on the bow at Warp 7.2. Course laid in. SULU is on the helm. Never tired. Always on course.

And then -- Red Alert! A lobster pot dead ahead! Red Alert!

Nah -- Belay that Red Alert. Grab the remote control and adjust heading to go around and then go back on course. Crisis averted – and all without spilling your drink. Did I mention it was heaven?

All systems worked extremely well, even during the long, 10-hour, 66-mile, voyage home (we came back a day early because of weather concerns,) and the ship is ready for Wednesday’s adventure, although it looks like we’re VERY short on crew. Lefty never came back, her friend Sharon never showed, Mitch is away, Bill is away, Ryan is working, Phil’s in Europe, and Sid may be putting an Order of Protection on his Instant Messenger. We need to recruit for the rest of this year and for next.