Captain’s Log: Stardate 10568.8
It all started with a no-show subspace (email) message from Lt. Kurt, who now seems determined to end his Starfleet career on a low note by missing two races in a row. Something about his sister and how she wasn’t selling any of her art. Of course, with gas prices in the mid-$3 range and heating costs this winter expected to rise 71%, I’m sure buying art is first on everyone’s minds. Thankfully, Yeoman Dave Z and Crewman Mike came out to help with the ship. Note to Lt. Kurt: You owe us the Fall Series now. Plan to be there.

Commander Dave, Commander Richard and I were the first on board – so Richard was quickly strapped into the mast chair for a 60-foot climb. Once the second halyard was on him, you could very quietly hear Richard whimper “I’m not comfortable with this . . .” Luckily, Commander Jory came out a few moments later to save Richard from his fears. All I can say is -- if Richard could handle the main half as fast as he got himself out of that chair, we’d be sailing much better this season. If you blinked, you missed it.

After some time on the mooring replacing what broke last week, we cranked up to full impulse to get out to the race course on time. Before the start, we missed the sound signal for the Prep (there was none) and took a lot of time getting the jib up. We headed back towards the start, dipped below for thirty seconds, came around and went for it. I knew it was going to be close, but there were two other boats leeward and ahead who were going to have a bigger problem.

But, thanks to their white hulls and our larger than life Starfleet graphics, we, and we alone, were called over early. (I spoke with the committee afterwards and asked how, to which I received shrugs and “I don’t know”s.) Ugh.

We went to the west side of the course, hoping that the tide and the changing wind direction would give us an advantage. I could say it was genius tactical maneuvering, but the reality is, the rest of the fleet went to the east side and we took a shot. It paid off. By the end of the first windward leg, we were crossing tacks with USS Chaika, USS Exhilaration and the Romulan ship, Matriarch. (Apparently using cloaking technology by sailing in the dark without any running lights – we protested.)

Great spinnaker sets, douses and tacks helped us gain position, although somewhere along the line, the command “Ready About!”, especially during cross tacks, was misinterpreted as an invitation for discussion instead of actually getting ready to tack.) Thanks to our rating, we were still in the back of the fleet. Nevertheless, it was great to be in front of others on the water.