Captain’s Log: Stardate 10575.6
(or for our futuristic Jewish friends: Stardate 396599.9 – Happy Rosh Hashanah!)
One of my favorite fixtures on the bridges of the various incarnations of the Enterprise on TV and in the movies is the captain’s chair. Over the years I’ve watched it change from big and bulky to minimalistic and functional. They’ve ranged from upright “office” chairs (Star Trek: The Motion Picture) to living-room-type lounges (Star Trek: The Next Generation.) My chair at work, I’m proud to say, is very similar to the one on the Enterprise-A. Comfort, style and functionality, all rolled into one. All I need are buttons on the side so I can call down to Engineering and demand more power.

But on Saturday, I found myself in the worst chair – A chair I try to avoid. A chair that, even though could be compared to Jean-Luc Picard’s on the Enterprise-D, when you sit in it, you have no hope of command or control over your destiny. Oh yes, it’s the dentist’s chair.

Before getting started, Dr. Wu, D.D.S., looked down at the TRIAL.COM logo on my chest and asked what type of law I practice. I quickly replied “Dental malpractice.” Unfortunately, it didn’t phase him in the least as he did a little temporary work and strongly suggested a root canal for my chipped #30. Ugh. I needed some cheering up – and fast.

So where do I go? The new West Marine in Rockland, of course. Switches, wires, and lights, oh my. And then it was back home where I put on some ELO and got to work on my little project that will not only restore 12 volt power to the cockpit, but repair the compass light and add cockpit lighting – all on waterproof switches. Very cool.

But, I needed more. So, on Sunday, Scotty and I hosted Lt. Mitch and his wife Pam along with Ensign Bill and his wife Erica, along with a friend of Bill’s and three children for a little cruise on the Enterprise. The wind, unfortunately, was very light and the passing powerboat wakes had Erica feeling queasy and one of the kids proudly throwing up (a little) into Western Long Island Sound. Yes, I did use the word “proudly.” He stood, smiled and said “I threw up in the water a little! I’m the King of the Ocean!” I didn’t have the heart to tell him that if that was the only qualifier to achieve monarchy over the ocean, Dave, Jory, Lefty and Laura have already been crowned.

We started the impulse drive and powered for a little cruise along the East River towards the airport. Everyone felt much better and it was a delightful day on the water. We must do this sort of thing (non-racing get-togethers) much more often.

However, we do have one more race to go this season. For the Fall Series, this weekend, all crew are to report to the Enterprise by 0930 Hours.