Captain's Log: Stardate 10577.5
As captain of the ship, one of my many concerns is crew morale. For example, after the cancellation of the Fall Series, I knew I was going to get subspace messages from the crew expressing their disappointment. Therefore, Lt. Commander Mitch's eloquent message of "THAT SUCKS!" was expected. I was not prepared, however, for Lt. Kurt’s equally eloquent "Blech. I agree with Mitch." This was more of a blow to the crew than I could imagine.

What really took me by surprise was how disappointed the Enterprise was. She wanted to race so badly that if we weren't going to sail her, dammit, she’ll sail herself. And she did. On Saturday night or Sunday morning, the Enterprise broke free from her mooring and sailed Eastchester Bay. No crew. No captain. No kidding.

As did 12 other boats off of City Island. The windstorm that hit had gusts over 50mph and was much more than some mooring lines could handle. The guys from Sea Tow and Tow Boat US had their hands full pulling boats off of rocks and beaches throughout the area. They found the Enterprise afloat and drifting off of Throgs Neck before towing her back to Consolidated Yards.

I arrived at the club Sunday morning with Scotty ready to do some electrical work on the bridge when I noticed that the Enterprise wasn’t there. Panic set in. Luckily, before I started killing people, someone told me that she came loose and was probably at Consolidated. I went over and investigated.

I’m happy to report that everything looks fine. No water in the bilge. No change in waterline. Nothing broken. Nothing snapped or loose. The Enterprise survived. Of course, when she’s hauled in a few weeks, we may see differently, but I believe she’s fine. So, after a few hours of panic, worry and paperwork with the salvage company, we backed her out of Consolidated and returned the Enterprise home onto some fresh mooring lines.

What a day. When I got home, she said “I doubt you’d be as deeply worried if you came home and I was missing.” Still trying to figure out what the point was of that one.